Saturday, October 20, 2007

No Talking

Most teachers have had a class like the fifth grade class of "Unshushables" in Andrew Clements new book No Talking. This is a book that teachers and students alike can relate to. Kids love to talk and teachers want silence in class. A contest between the boys and girls begins with the main characters, Dave and Lynsey, because both believe that each talk way too much. So, all the fifth graders can't talk for two days. When at school, they may only respond to teachers with three word sentences. The teachers wonder what is going on with these students. So who do you think talks the most? Who wins the contest? Kids will enjoy reading this book to find out.
I think it would be fun for some brave teachers to try this for one day in their class. It would be a challenge to respond with just three words. Students would learn the value of good communication. What learning possibilities!


Anonymous said...

I'm always looking for great kids' books that I haven't read to my children yet. Thanks for starting this blog. I'll be back!!

Anonymous said...

i love this book it's AWSOME!

Anonymous said...

i read this book for a book review in school and i loved it