Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Farley Found It!

My kindergarten students loved this book, Farley Found It! It's a cute story about a sheep, Farley, who can't get a good night's sleep except when he finds Edna's doghouse to sleep in. Unfortunately, Edna loves her doghouse and tries to hide it from Farley. But of course, Farley finds it! There in lies the problem which is resolved at the end of the story. What an easy way to teach problem and solution to younger students by sharing this fun book! The repetition in the story is predictable and perfect for emergent readers. The illustrations are filled with pictures of Farley spying on Edna which the kids love to discover. This is just a fun read for younger kid! See if you can find it!!


Bruce said...

Cindy -- thanks for the kind words about my book! I'm glad you and your students enjoyed it. said...

I like this blog. It is really informative and important. Thanks for the books you have been loaning. It has reinvigorated everyone at book reading time.